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Red-breasted Merganser Mergus serrator This particular bes-scie, as all mergansers are called in southern Louisiana, is mainly a bird of the coastal waterways, moderately common from the last part of October until the end of April, with a few remaining until as late as June It has probably always been much less common on inland freshwater lakes, but this seems to have been particularly true since I counted over individuals of this species on False River on December 13, , but in more recent years I have seen it there only occasionally and in very small numbers. In terms of absolute frequency of reports from the interior, it runs a close second to Common Merganser, and it too has been found as far north in the state as Caddo Lake; but a much smaller proportionate number of its sightings have been in noncoastal settings. The male Red-breasted Merganser has a conspicuously crested, green-glossed blackish head that is separated from the dull reddish breast by a white collar. This combination of characters, together with its brownish sides, really distinguishes it from the male Common Merganser, which is green headed but immaculate white or pale pinkish white on the entire breast and along the sides. The females of the two species are, however, much more difficult to separate.

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Click to enlarge the map of the Ebro Delta The Ebro delta The Ebro delta is the most important wetland area on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, and the second largest in the Iberian Peninsula. It is situated km southwest of Barcelona as an extensive, flat marsh area at the mouth of the river Ebro. The delta is formed by sediments transported seawards by the river, a process which began hundreds of years ago and still continues to change the shape and appearance of the land.

The delta contains several natural habitat types such as lagoons of varying salinity and depth, dunes, shallow beaches and bays, as well as the river and its riparian woodlands. However, the delta is dominated by human activities, and the vast majority of the land is used for agricultural purposes. The Ebro delta was classified as a wetland area of international interest by Bureau Mar in , and part of the delta 7 Ha was given status of Natural Park in

Researchers visited 13 nest sites, tested the age of the droppings, and found that four sites had been in use for at least 1, years. 3. The oldest nest had guano deposits dating back as much as 2, years.

Casual wear is suggested for sightseeing and daytime travelling. Dress code for most evenings is smart casual. Hotels, most meals, all of the activities described in the itinerary pages, airport transfers in select cities, gratuities to hotel porters, restaurant staff and local guides. What is not included in the tour price? Prices do not include air travel, country entry or departure fees, airport porter fees, visas, phones, valet, all items of a personal nature, food and beverages not on the regular menu and tips to the Caravan Tour Director and Driver.

How long will each day be? A well paced and unhurried itinerary is our goal, after all, you are on vacation!

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Since its admission to the Union as the 48th state, Arizona has been a popular tourist destination, and with world-famous attractions like the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam and Saguaro National Park, that is not surprising. Read on to learn more about the top tourist attractions in Arizona. Esteemed world-wide for its contents, learning programs and festivals, the Heard Museum houses more than items, a theater and auditorium.

Here, visitors can view exhibits such as Native American jewelry, paintings, sculptures, photographs, textiles, Hopi Kachina dolls and more. Additionally, visitors can engage in hands-on learning activities such as basketry, pottery and weaving.

Weekly Update 11 November Eilat’s excellent autumn continued this week with growing numbers of European birders taking advantage of the cheap flights to Eilat and excellent birds that are waiting for them in every corner.

The deadline of 31st January for records of the previous year has been set to ensure that records are assessed and processed in time for inclusion in the Devon Bird Report DBR. There may not be time to enter into the database records received after January and, therefore, to publish them in the relevant DBR. This is unfortunate because it can both delay the publication of some important and useful records, and result in observers not being correctly acknowledged.

All records and names and details submitted by observers will be entered onto a secure computer system and their names will be included in the list of contributors in the DBR. Please inform the County Recorder if you have any concerns or objections in this respect. A bird record is a sighting or hearing!

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After the Summer Solstice in June you will find the water temperatures much more appealing. It is important to remember any clothing that gets wet from the Lake water will dry stiff because of all of the salt. We list all the Lake related birdwatching trips on our calendar of events. To learn more about birdwatching or to find out about other local birdwatching trips, visit the sites of Great Salt Lake Audubon and Wasatch Audubon.

Welcome to the Fat Birder’s Top Birding Website. A “ranking by traffic” site set up by a birding webmaster for other birding webmasters. It’s easy to join up and have a logo & counter appear [showing how well you are doing for traffic from birders] – it must be put on your front page so others can see it on visiting the site your application cannot be approved until you do this and.

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Last July, I’m extremely pleased z continue the growth of our community by offering additional Phase II lots for sale. Geographical Field Note “. For dwting uses, see Aves disambiguation and Birds of a feather dating site disambiguation. By predating ArchaeopteryxAnchiornis proves the existence of a modernly feathered theropod ancestor, providing insight into the dinosaur-bird transition.

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Collection of Mattatuck Museum More men’s fashions of the s. The business owner is in a top hat and fancy suit. The workers are wearing caps and less expensive suits. Unidentified woman, s or s. She is wearing her finest clothing, and she is showing that she is modest and respectable, not frivolously keeping up with the latest fashions. Note that she did not necessarily live in Waterbury–the seller on eBay lists the plate as having been made by Scovill; the photograph could have been taken anywhere.

“With over 25 years experience, Bird Malaysia offers the best spots and time for birds and the best accommodation for our fellow birdies. Our tours are designed as to ensure a comfortable and successful birdwatching experiences.

In fact, black history is so rich in southern Ontario, as you can see from this map , it would take a significant amount of time to see all of the sites and give them the attention they deserve. The log cabin on site was built by John Freeman Walls and his wife, Jane King Walls, who rest in the family cemetery on the property. Bryan Walls, born in Puce, Ontario, and a graduate of the University of Toronto, is an enthusiastic living descendent of this pioneering couple.

A visiting professor at Niagara University who teaches multi-cultural education, Walls has done extensive research into his ancestral heritage, which can be found in his novel The Road That Led To Somewhere , published in In return for their hard work, they were given a safe haven, food, and clothing. Although illegal, bounty hunters from the US regularly crossed the border looking for escaped slaves.

Anyone who was captured and sent back to their owners was severely punishment, and possibly dismembered or killed. The congregation would sing loudly, accompanied by the piano to drown out the noise of these families escaping, sometimes with babies and children in tow. This trap door and tunnel can still be seen by visitors … bring your Kleenex. Spend some time with these fine people, listen to their amazing stories and taste the richness of their culture. It played a key role in providing food, shelter and assistance for those seeking to carve out a better life with their new-found freedom.

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Natalie Paris Imagine it’s one of those bright, blue-sky summer mornings. You wake to the sound of birdsong and the odd sheep. Outside, you catch a glimpse of a green swathe of grass with glittering sea beyond. It’s the sort of view you’d pay a fortune to bag if you were staying in a hotel – but it’s yours for just a few pounds at one of Britain’s coastal campsites.

Many sites have direct access to the beach, perfect for a swim or surf before breakfast – and ideal for families with lots of beach clobber.

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If you’ve never done this, now’s the time. There’s something eternally cute about even the mere act of asking someone to go strawberry picking with you that you don’t even really have to go strawberry picking.

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Find out more About Us. Join NT Bird Specialists’ award-winning team on exceptional birdwatching and photography tours exploring the tropics and outback Australia. We seek endemic, rare and migratory species in biodiversity hotspots, including the Northern Territory, the Eastern Kimberley in Western Australia and Cairns, Queensland.

Contact us for tour details and international itineraries.

The Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania has a history of raptor conservation dating back to , making it the world’s oldest birds of prey sanctuary.

Many of the trails here weave through, around, and under various caverns and coves. In addition to the underground attractions, the park is popular for its wonderful views and magnificent waterfalls. An impressive campsites are spaced out along the valley. You can read more about this park on RV Park Reviews here. With cave paintings and archaeological sites dating back thousands of years, there are tons of historical and geological treasures to be discovered here.

The centerpiece of the park is the magnificent Cedar Falls. This stunning waterfall tumbles 90 feet into Cedar Creek Canyon below.

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You can become a Birding Pal today! Help someone to enjoy your local birding spots and find a pal to help you when you travel. All types and styles of birding can be catered for, from hard-core listers, twitchers and target birders to those into habitat birding and those with a more relaxed generalist approach.

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We had lovely warm sunny unseasonable weather throughout the day and as a result several butterflies were recorded including Clouded Yellow. We had an early start on a rising tide at Oare Marshes where the number of waders was impressive they included among them 6 Ruff, 2 Knot and a single Greenshank and Spotted Redshank, several Bearded Tit, Water Rail, Raven and a Little Owl were also watched.

Late morning we moved onto the charming Luddenham Churchyard close by, where we had excellent views of a Yellow-browed Warbler and 2 Brambling, we had lunch in the vicinity before travelling to Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory. We moved onto the Restharrow Scrape Hide and was extremely lucky to watch a bobbing feeding Jack Snipe that allowed close scope views. The bobbing action is very difficult to observe usually and is fascinating behaviour an action that we all enjoyed immensely.

Our last site was around the Chequers area of Sandwich Bay, here the fields gave us at least 12 Grey Partridge including some juvenile birds. We saw 79 Species today dipping out on Coot and hearing only a couple of other birds. The Cleve Hill Solar Park proposal is for a large array of solar panels, arranged on an east-west axis, projected to generate up to megawatts of power.

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For it has been revealed that Prince Philip has a simple wooden shack in the grounds of Sandringham where he pursues one of his favourite hobbies: In the programme, Mr Clark explains how the estate was landscaped to reflect the interests of the Duke of Edinburgh. I thought it would be good to have wetlands as we have so many migrating and wild fowl waders and we could make something really special.

Royal twitchers can also watch buzzards, marsh harriers, kestrels, owls and goshawks on the estate. Countryfile reveals that Philip designed a barbecue in the grounds of another Royal estate, Balmoral.

Britain’s 20 best birdwatching spots. Flamborough Head, Yorkshire. The fearsome chalk cliffs attract tens of thousands of seabirds in the summer breeding season.

Restaurantes A sampling of Oaxacan foods from Altos Teranova Oaxaca is a large city with numerous restaurants and is well-known for its regional cuisine. Only a sampling of some of the preferred restaurants can be listed here. Somewhat formal with a good view of the square. Independencia , in Parador San Miguel. Upscale, reservations required, our favorite of the Food of the Gods dine-around.

Restaurant Review by Alvin Starkman. Nice courtyard setting, unique well-seasoned dishes and good mixed drinks, Oaxaca’s best margarita. See commentary by Alvin Starkman. Serving traditional Oaxacan soups prepared by dropping heated stones into freshly prepared bowls of ingredients. Known for its Argentinean beef.

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