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The Alibaba Group, which runs the Singles‘ Day sale event, is gearing up for a much bigger event this year. Here’s everything you need to know about Singles‘ Day sale and how you can make the most out of it while sitting right here in India. What exactly is Singles‘ Day? Singles‘ Day started out as an anti-Valentine’s Day festival when some students at Nanjing University decided to organise something for single people. It was thought out to be a day when single people can buy stuff for themselves, a complete opposite of Valentine’s Day. Alibaba joined the party by offering great deals from and things haven’t been the same ever since. How can I shop on Singles‘ Day while sitting in India? Singles‘ Day isn’t quite popular in India yet and even though the online festive season sale just ended in India, you can still grab some products at almost dirt-cheap prices during the one-day sale event. A number of Chinese online stores ship to India and if you’re careful enough, you can score a number of decent deals.

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Nov 11, The Chinese event was originally a novelty student holiday to celebrate being single, countering Valentines Day, but has since grown into a month-long online shopping festival that peaks with a hour sales frenzy on November A disproportionately large number of sales are recorded in the first minutes of the hour spending spree, when transactions are recorded for items that have been put on hold. Items selling well included smartphones and other electronics, but also staples such as milk powder and diapers.

Analysts say that despite continued strong growth, sales are likely to be hit by economic headwinds and new competition from competing sales events. Current chief executive Daniel Zhang will take over as chairman next year, the company said in September.

8 days ago · Singles’ Day, also called “Double 11” is the world’s biggest online sales event, outstripping US shopping holiday Black Friday.

Alibaba said Sunday that it generated gross merchandise volume or GMV of The Singles Day shopping festival began in with participation from just 27 merchants as an event for merchants and consumers to raise awareness of the value in online shopping. This is the tenth edition of the annual Singles Day event, which falls on November 11 and is also called the Alibaba offers huge discounts across its e-commerce sites, including Tmall, during the hour period.

Alibaba noted that more than , brands participated this year and over 40 percent of consumers made purchases from international brands. Singapore-based e-commerce site Lazada participated in Meanwhile, Alibaba’s rival JD.

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Alibaba revenue jumps ahead of shopping bonanza Singles Day November 2, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Friday posted a 54 percent boost in revenue in the second quarter and saw profits rebound ahead of Singles Day, the largest shopping holiday of the year in China. Switzerland’s Richemont, China’s Alibaba team up October 26, Swiss luxury goods group Richemont announced Friday a partnership with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba to develop platforms in China for high-end products. Recommended for you Electronic driving systems don’t always work, tests show November 15, Testing by AAA shows that electronic driver assist systems on the road today may not keep vehicles in their lanes or spot stationary objects in time to avoid a crash.

Samsung folding screen lets smartphone open into tablet November 8, Samsung on Wednesday showed off a folding screen that lets a smartphone open into a tablet, heralding it as the future for portable devices.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s stock price target was cut to $ from $ at MKM Partners analyst Rob Sanderson, citing the postponement of monetization efforts as management braces for a possible.

Sep 11, facebook twiter pin google plus whatsapp Bollywood diva and heartbeat of many fans, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan together make one royal couple and there is no doubt about that. Kareena and Saif decided on forever and tied the knot on October 16, The little one will turn two years old this December and the parents have already started planning for another baby. Yes, you heard that absolutely correct! Taimur baba will soon become a big brother. In the promo of the episode, these two best of friends revealed some interesting details.

Here’s the video, check it out for yourself: At that time, she said that her pregnancy has flown by smoothly and easily, why to go through it again. It seems that the diva has changed her mind, no? There is no denying the fact that Kareena had given so many serious goals to others all throughout her pregnancy journey. Be it her fashion sense with the baby bump or her perfect professional and personal life balance, she nailed it all.

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Pakistan is an agriculture based country and most of the population lives in the rural areas. Their life is simple, they have a cleaner pollution free environment and they eat simple, healthy and pure diet. The life in rural areas and Pakistani villages is worth seeing.

10 days ago · Singles‘ Day is an annual one-day shopping festival in China that’s bigger than America’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. The Alibaba Group, which runs the Singles‘ Day sale event, is .

During this period, artists, engineers, scholars, poets, philosophers, geographers and traders in the Islamic world contributed to agriculture, the arts, economics, industry, law, literature,navigation, philosophy, sciences, sociology, and technology, both by preserving earlier traditions and by adding inventions and innovations of their own.

Also at that time the Muslim world became a major intellectual centre for science, philosophy, medicine and education. Many classic works of antiquity that would otherwise have been forgotten were translated into Arabic and later in turn translated into Turkish, Sindhi, Persian, Hebrew and Latin. The art of papermaking was obtained from prisoners taken at the Battle of Talas , spreading to the Islamic cities of Samarkand and Baghdad. The Arabs improved upon the Chinese techniques of using mulberry bark by using starch to account for the Muslim preference for pens vs.

By AD there were hundreds of shops employing scribes and binders for books in Baghdad and public libraries began to become established. From here paper-making spread west to Morocco and then to Spain and from there to Europe in the 13th century. Much of this learning and development can be linked to topography.

The tradition of the pilgrimage to Mecca became a center for exchanging ideas and goods. The influence held by Muslim merchants over African-Arabian and Arabian-Asian trade routes was tremendous. As a result, Islamic civilization grew and expanded on the basis of its merchant economy, in contrast to their Christian, Indian and Chinese peers who built societies from an agricultural landholding nobility.

Merchants brought goods and their faith to China, India, South-east Asia, and the kingdoms of Western Africa and returned with new inventions.

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This necromancer is currently roaming around in a body that she has constructed out of “spare parts. Appearance Edit Zozo wore little to no clothing due to her use of a custom body of various parts. Her only clothing was a cloak adorned with skulls, rips, and bandages, a pair of white panties with a small pink bow pattern on the top, a pink striped scarf with the word “MILK” on it, and two skulls used to tie her hair together into two large pigtails.

Her skin is turquoise with black tattoos and patterns, as well as stitches to show her individual body segments. Her right arm appears to be a normal human one, but her left arm appears to be from some type of monster. Her hair is pink and styled with large pigtails.

Ali Ardekani (Persian: علی اردکانی ‎; born October 11, ), best known by his stage name Baba Ali (Persian: بابا علی ‎), is an Iranian-born American comedian, games developer, businessman and actor.

WhatsApp Saudi Arabia is a vast country with many beautiful manmade and natural landscapes in its every part. As we all know that Saudi Arabia has opened its land for tourists after offering tourist visa. While visiting the Kingdom for a very Short time, everyone might be confused where to go and what to see. After reading this, you will freely and easily manage to plan your visit to Saudi Arabia because I am going to tell you about the 13 best places you can visit in 13 different regions of Saudi Arabia.

Ad-Dariyah is an ancient city in the capital of Saudi Arabia. A remarkable example of Saudi history where everything attracts tourist attraction. If you want to visit ancient Arabia, Diriyah Village is the best place. Farasan Islands is the beauty of Saudi Arabia with plenty of virgin beaches where migratory birds often pay a visit and the visitor are freely transported to Jazan city so never skip to visit this Islands. Farasan Islands are among the best diving spots in the world where the islands are surrounded by original turquoise waters.

The beauty of Jabal Sawda is beyond imagination. The mountains bounded with valleys, small villages and lush green landscapes, and many five star hotels located beside the mountains attract the tourist itself.

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Introduction According to the general consensus of opinion, Pete Townshend was one of the most dynamic performers in rock music during the s and s. His sense of affiliation with Meher Baba has sometimes aroused scepticism and incredulity, but is acknowledged in the present article. This factor provides complexities not always recognised in standard portrayals. Townshend himself has acknowledged discrepancies between aspects of his former behaviour and his commitment to a spiritual ideal.

Alibaba Found Success By Acting Like A Dating Site Getting big isn’t easy. Alibaba’s founder leveraged his relationships with Chinese manufacturers and created one of the most valuable networks on.

This year Lazada hosted its own Singles Day event. Lazada is very popular in six countries: Lazada offers million beauty, fashion, and household goods products. To help minimize the language barrier between cross-border buyers and sellers, Lazada used artificial-intelligence-supported translation technology within its chat tools. Besides Lazada, Alibaba purchased food delivery startup Ele.

Alibaba has also made investments in traditional retailers, including department store chain Intime Retail Group. That is an increase of 26 percent over Some analysts believe that other online marketplaces are taking overall market share away from Alibaba. Chinese Economy Earlier this year Alibaba cut its sales forecast for the fiscal year ending in March by roughly 5 percent, citing the shaky economy and the trade jitters with the United States.

Alibaba relies on the flourishing Chinese middle class — million strong — comprised mostly of people in their 20s and early 30s. In some news reports, Chinese consumers stated that Singles Day discounts this year were not deep enough.

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Today began week two, and I think the time has come to offer a review of the program offered by Ali Baba. Ali Baba, of course, only teaches in their office. This is not a bad thing. Which is a pain. And anyway, I needed a break from the UJ. I have two teachers, Sanabel and Raya.

Reagan’s Rare Books is a purveyor of Antiquarian books dating primarily from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. We love antique books! We search all over the country for the finest rare books, looking for those with beautiful bindings and in great condition so that we can offer you, the customer, a truly rare one of a kind collectible.

What was the title release date and record label of Norah Joneses hit album? Who is norah Jones father? Norah Jones father is Pandit Ravi Shankar. He is a disciple of Baba Allauddin Khan, the founding father of the Maihar gharana of Hindustani classical music. Ravi Shankar is a leading Indian instrumentalist of the trendy period. He has been a longtime musical collaborator of tabla-players Ustad Allah Rakha, Kishen maharaj and intermittently also of sarod-player Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

His collaborations with violinist Yehudi Menuhin, film maker Satyajit Ray, and the The Beatles specifically, George Harrison added to his international repute. Who is Noel Jones dating? The Match singles web site could be discovered on-line and is a number one dating website for singles and personals, in keeping with a research performed by a YouGov panel. The place one can discover details about each single day? The place can one discover lyrics to Single Ladies?

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