Victorian Jewelry (Circa 1840 – 1890)

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This album covers research being done to ascertain whether this is a pendant made by Reinhold Vasters, as well as whether the mostly matching pendant from two Parke Bernet auctions is the same pendant or a “twin. Some genuine pieces had survived, but the limited supply of genuine Renaissance jewelry could not keep up with 19th century demand. In the last thirty years or so, jewelry and silver historians have begun to realise the sheer number of pieces made in the latter part of the 19th Century in the Renaissance style.

GEORG JENSEN Born into a working class family in the town of Raadvad just to the north of Copenhagen in , Jensen was son of a knife grinder.

They have large red beads hanging on a golden chain which is attached to a golden flower with a small red bead center. These earrings have clip backs. These earrings are not marked but they have the very telling finished back that is known to be made by These earrings measure approx. These earrings have a large milk glass white cabochon surrounded by pink, green and ab pear rhinestones, milk glass marquise cabs, ab and blue round rhinestones and a striped coral-orange marquise cab.

These clip on earrings measure approx.

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Click on an underlined word for more information on that subject. Aurora borealis rhinestones have a special iridescent finish that shines with many colors. The iridescent surface is a result of a very thin layer of metallic atoms that have been deposited on the lower surface of the stone.

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Skirt lengths fluctuated quite a bit, women donned flashy evening attire, comfortable sportswear, and conservative work suits, and dresses either hung straight or flared at the hip. But despite the variety, women’s s fashions all broke free of the physical and social constraints of the previous century. Straight, curveless dresses were worn with bust flattening brassieres. The waist completely disappeared, and belts were worn around the hips.

The chemise type dress was popular from to or The chemise French for shirt hung straight down to the knees. Image courtesy of Elizabeth Ewing, History of 20th Century Fashion, Skirts rose to the knees during the first two years of the s, fell to the ankles again in , rose up to the knees again in , and were again long by the end of the decade. Seen below are a number of ankle-length skirts that were popular between and Image courtesy of Elizabeth Ewing Tailored suits for the working woman also featured the straight, curveless cut.

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Ewing s Tailored Suits: Image courtesy of Valerie Mendes and Amy de la Haye, 20th Century Fashion, The straight skirt was the dominant shape of the s, but flaring skirts were also in fashion. Waists, however, were still quite low, and the form was still quite narrow and drooping. Image courtesy of Valerie Mendes and Amy de la Haye Separate sweater and skirt ensembles, having plain or pleated skirts, also reflected the popular straight cut of the decade.

Image courtesy of Valerie Mendes and Amy de la Haye.

The Napier Book

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Seeing the potential of this company, which could produce yarn of the same color quality of overseas brands, Albert B. Collingbourne left his job at Richardson Silk Company and joined the firm. Collingbourne decided to a build separate factory next to the main plant. Known as Virginia Snow Studios, this modern needlework plant was created to increase interest and the use of Collingbourne Mills, Inc.

Click on the poster below for an enlarged view. If the poster switches from large to small after you get the new page, place your cursor or pointer over the poster and a small box will appear at the bottom of the poster, which you can click to switch the poster back to the larger size. By the late s, the Depression had taken its toll on Collingbourne Mills and some tough choices had to be made.

The company was sold and the name changed to Dexter Thread Mills, Inc. Seeing the potential for a mail-order business and an interest in crafts by the baby boomer generation, Sidney Fink and Ralph Fried purchased Dexter Thread Mills, Inc. This company was located in the State of Illinois, but not at the Elgin, Illinois location yet. Exact date it was changed to Western Thread Company is unknown State of Illinois recognizes , but does not have the exact amendment month and day on file.

Albert Collingbourne was hired by the firm and acquired a controlling interest in the Western Thread Company. The name continued to be used until the late s. As a marketing strategy to stimulate demand for their different lines of thread, Virginia Snow Studios began producing stamped embroidery patterns and kits.

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A more complete listing of the mark variations can be found in Charles H. Carpenter’s fine book, “Tiffany Silver”. The examples illustrated here include only John C. Moore’s mark, some others were: This practice continued until the mid ‘s. Although America was in a deep economic recession, the store soon acquired a respected name and flourished with its quality merchandise imported from Europe, India and the Orient.

In , a new partner, J. The first of the Tiffany “Blue Book” catalogs appeared in and with it the first indications of silver merchandise carried; a small range of personal items and all, almost certainly, imported. The firm expanded to larger quarters at Broadway in , the move enabled a significant increase in the retailing of silver and jewelry.

Indian-inspired jewelry

He began his training in goldsmithing at the age of 14 in Copenhagen. His apprenticeship, with the firm Guldsmet Andersen, ended in and this freed the young Jensen to follow his artistic interests. From childhood, Jensen had aspired to be a sculptor and he now pursued this course of study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated in and began exhibiting his work.

Although his clay sculptures were well received, making a living as a fine artist proved difficult and he turned his hand back to the applied arts.

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It tells the heretofore untold and phenomenal story of The Napier Co. It chronicles the history of its management, manufacturing, marketing, and most importantly, the unparalleled beauty of Napier fashion jewelry. With approximately pictures of Napier jewelry history and over , words of text and descriptions, you will be taken step-by-step, decade by decade, through the development of the Napier style. As a collector, you will learn to recognize the findings, materials, and designs to appropriately circa-date the Napier jewelry in which you are investing.

As a lover of vintage costume jewelry, you will enjoy the drama and excitement of the trials, tribulations, and breakthroughs at each stage of the Napier journey.

You can find. ‘s jewelry including retro modern sterling jewelry to buy online here. Also vi ntage jewellery, jewelry, jewlery, jewerly, collectible jewelry, unsigned jewelry, jewellry, broach, brooch pins necklaces and sets as well as earrings in the Retro modern style are available.

Some of the items have added “view” links so you can see more pictures. There is a great deal of ‘s jewelry featured at Enchantment; so, for this page, we have selected only those pieces most definitive of the decade. The first part of the ‘s jewelry styles are still reflective of the ‘s retro jewelry including pieces with Victorian design elements such as bows. Soon the ‘s developed it’s own definitive styles which include multi strand beaded necklaces with much larger beads than seen in the faux pearls in previous years.

Lucite thermoset inserts of the ’40s became the rage along with Confetti Lucite and embedded Lucite jewelry. White jewelry was well-loved, especially for summer, and this trend continued into the s.. Diamante clear or crystal rhinestone jewels, including “prom queen” necklace and earrings sets were chosen for diamond-like sparkle without the price.

Modernist jewelry was available and particularly loved by “beatniks. And, last but not least, lets never forget multi-strand beaded necklaces and button earrings shipped from overseas after WWII! Almost everyone’s Mom or Grandma had at least one set–and now jewels like theirs can be yours!

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Art and Islam through Time and Place September 14—December 2, The history and breadth of Islamic art takes center stage in this landmark exhibit on loan from the Newark Museum. The more than works on display in Wondrous Worlds reflect aspects of faith, culture, and everyday life of Muslims across the world and throughout the ages. The exhibition features works in nearly all media, including carpets, costumes, jewelry, ceramics, glassware, metalworks, prints, paintings and photographs.

Contemporary works from artists such as Rachid Koraichi and Victor Ekpuk, and modern day calligraphy by Hassan Massoudy are shown with pieces dating back to the 9th-century. Inscribed Coffeepot and Cups.

Vintage Napier Jewelry. Related Categories. Auction Alerts. Though the history of Napier goes back to the late 19th-century, when the E. A. Bliss company made silverware, as well as gilt and silverplate jewelry, the word Napier was not associated with costume jewelry until the s.

Wineville Chicken Coop Murders In , year-old Sanford Clark was taken from his home in Saskatchewan with the permission of his mother and reluctant father by his uncle, year-old Gordon Stewart Northcott. The Northcotts fled to Canada, but were arrested and extradited to the United States. Sarah Louise initially confessed to murdering Walter Collins, she later retracted her statement; Gordon, who had confessed to killing five boys, did likewise.

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The practice goes back at least as far as ancient Egypt, when tomb paintings show pharaohs and their consorts exchanging hair balls as love tokens. But the practice of turning hair into art reached its zenith during the Victorian era, when locks were clipped from the living to create tokens of esteem and affection, or snipped from the dead to make mementos.

During the Victorian era both men and women wore hair jewelry, which often came in the form of complicated braids fashioned into pins, rings, necklaces, bracelets, watch chains, and more. Often, hair came from a beloved family member or friend, but there was also a thriving trade in imported hair from strangers—the longer, finer, and more unusually colored the better. Historic New England and the Massachusetts Historical Society have some great examples in their collections and online.

Jewelry, found online at com, is a company which says they are considered one of the biggest fashion jewelry manufacturers in the USA for more than 46 .

Le Journal, 19 January Newspaper “Le Printemps en fil de fer. Newspaper, Exhibition Review Caby. Sculptures bois et fil de fer de Alexandre Calder. Text by Jules Pascin. Newspaper, Exhibition Review Gaussin, Yvan.

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